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Our students are 11+ champions

In 2021 we achieved a pass rate of over 90% !
Our mock exams are renowned for being the best in the North West.
Our success rate speaks for itself.
Our 11 Plus Mock Exams are developed to simulate the actual 11+ exam.
Our exclusive advanced marking system provides an excellent insight to student progress.
We are the only provider in the North West with access to this marking system.
Our parents create our reputation

  • Remove the fear of the 11 plus exam and gain confidence
  • Develop, practice, and improve exam technique
  • Identify areas for further focus
£ 40.00 each 27th March 10:30 Exam Completed
£ 40.00 each 24th April 10:30 Exam Completed FULL
£ 40.00 each 22nd May 10:30 Exam Completed 1 item in stock
£ 40.00 each 19th June 10:30 Book Now
£ 40.00 each 10th July 10:30 Book Now
£ 40.00 each 7th Aug 10:30 Book Now
£ 40.00 each 21st Aug 10:30 Book Now
£ 40.00 each 4th Sept 10:30 18 places Book Now

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